Edward Roberts
Jan 7

Take a Look at Bed Bug Preparation

People always want to know what we do for our Bed Bug Preparation service. Well it is here. We give this checklist to all of our potential customers, but we are sharing it publicly for the first time. First, it is important to know that we collect the prep list of your exterminator and use that as our guide to make sure that they are 100% happy. This ensures we do not get called back to a job for unfinished work, this is especially important when many of our jobs are hours away. So, you never have to worry about if the exterminator will be satisfied that is something we take very seriously.
Secondly, we go through our own prep list to make sure everything is done. Some exterminators are not as strict as others. We believe our prep list is one of the most stringent in the market. We have taken notes from companies like Western which we believe has one of the strictest preparation processes in the Northeast. Our prep team knows that if Western is the exterminator they will have a long and hard day of work, but their process works and is effective. A strict prep process reduces the chances of re-infestation. Our scope of work for Bed Bug Preparation:
  • Perform Inspection to Locate Areas of Infestation
  • Remove, Bag & Launder Bedding
  • Remove, Bag & Launder All Soiled/Infested Washable Items 
  • Steam Treat or Vacuum Extract All Non-Washable Items in Infested Area
  • Steam Shoes / Non-Washables and Bag
  • Bag and Label Items that Need Dry Cleaning
  • Inspect and Bag Items that Are Not In Infested Area
  • Remove Outlet Covers and Switch Plates
  • Pull Furniture 1 Foot Away from Walls
  • Remove Picture Frames and Art from All Walls
  • Empty Closets, Dressers and Clean Under Bed
  • Remove Dust Cover from Box Spring when Required by Exterminator
  • Vacuum Extract Bed Bugs using Search and Destroy Method
  • Return Laundered Items in Clear Plastic Bags
  • Remove Baseboards (if determined by exterminator)
  • Shrink Wrap and Discard Unwanted Items (Additional Cost)
  • Place Bags Neatly in Center of Rooms
  • Will Perform Additional Items as Requested by Exterminator, When we have Prep List
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