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In 2008, Prep Boyz was started by Edward Roberts to address the growing bed bug epidemic that was taking place in New York City at the time. Entire buildings were being infested with bed bugs for the first time in decades. They were being found in movie theaters and even clothing store such as H and M. At the time, Edward Roberts was the maintenance supervisor for a large property management company named Interstate Realty.

He noticed that apartment residents were unable to properly prepare their apartments for extermination so that the exterminator could do a treatment. This only caused the bed bugs to have more time to spread throughout the entire building which ended up costing the property thousands instead of hundreds of dollars. It really wasn’t the fault of the resident. The bed bugs were spreading because the residents were not professionals. Mr. Roberts realized that this was an opportunity to help the owners of these buildings eradicate the bed bugs.

He created a brand-new service that never existed before. This service would eliminate the resident from having to do the work themselves. By doing the Bed Bug Preparation the exterminator would effectively be able to eliminate the bed bugs for good. Over time we decided to do the extermination ourselves to ensure that the bed bugs were actually being eradicated. In 2011, Edward Roberts created Buggin Out Pest Control to provide licensed extermination to properties in New Jersey. By providing both services we were able to ensure results.

This created a lot of happy customers who had been frustrated with not getting the results they expected. Since then, the bed bug epidemic has subsided quite a lot and we are happy that we were a part of that. Both companies have grown since their inceptions.  We are now licensed provide pest control services in several states. Even during the pandemic, Prep Boyz grew its business by providing sanitation cleaning while other companies were closed.

In 2023, we decided to expand our product offering once again to provide complete facility care. Combining Mr. Roberts 15 years in the Maintenance field managing a building to his additional 15 years as a business owner we were able to provide a comprehensive solution to the needs our customers. We are happy to say that we provide a service that is necessary and essential to people’s lives. We look forward to being able to provide a maintenance solution that fits the needs of your property.   

Beyond our business concerns we are involved in the community. As a certified MBE we are committed to community development work from feeding the homeless weekly to volunteering weekly at halfway houses. We provide much needed community service to underserved communities. We are happy to say that this business has been able to fund the passion of the owner which is just to help people.

Edward Roberts

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