Edward Roberts
Jan 1

Happy 2019

We've finally started a blog. Here we will update you on new things happening with the company as well as provide valuable information you can use in your daily life, such as cleaning tips, decluttering tips and more. So, we've made some changes. First, welcome to the new website. We noticed so many errors with the old one while doing this update and we are quite frankly, we're a little embarrassed. No worries, this new one should be more user-friendly and easy on the eyes.

We've also added two new services this year. First, so many customers have been requesting Junk Removal. We have finally been able to gain long-term access to a dumping location. The second service is On-Call Maintenance. Mr. Roberts is going back to his maintenance roots and we now offer miscellaneous on call maintenance service. 

In addition to what we have added, is what we have dropped. We no longer offer housekeeping. To provide better service to our customers, we've decided to stop offering housekeeping services. The majority of our cleaning customers have always been large businesses and we were spreading our cleaning staff thin by also providing home cleaning. This will enable us to better serve our clients.

Overall, we are excited about 2019. We hope you have a great year and consider using us for your needs.
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